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Smart Communication Compliance

An AI-powered co-pilot that lets your compliance analysts make better decisions faster without losing control.

We’ve always been passionate about solving the problem of understanding the messy world of communication compliance. Reliance on gazetteers and keywords is no longer enough: we need ways to understand language in the financial landscape, even with its rapidly-evolving terminology. The urgency is real--we have more to check (and we have to check it more often), especially as the amount of multilingual data in the world is only increasing. It’s more important than ever that we find new ways to allow analysts to process this unprecedented amount and variety of data. We can do this by both reducing false positives and building systems that act as force multipliers for every one of the experienced and passionate people who work to stop money laundering and financial fraud. We’re excited to join our friends at Basis. Our journey has just begun.

We'll keep you posted!

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